The image of a fly inside the urinals of Schiphol airport – Amsterdam, allowed to reduce the expenses in cleaning products by about 80%.

The introduction of a Pringles red-fried potato, in every 10 normal ones, allowed to reduce the total consumption of potato chips by 50%, in a study done at the University of Cornell.

Minor changes in the way medical doctors prescribe drugs, significantly reduce prescription errors .

The issue has to do with the fact that small intangible nuances in the context of choice influence them significantly due to their impact on automatic information processing mechanisms. It also radically changes the way we look at society, the economy, and public policy. This theme has been growing in the international context under the umbrella of the term Behavioral Economics, and Nudge Portugal aims to disseminate it in Portugal and the World and contribute to the promotion of its application (the so-called “nudges”).

What we do

Develop Behavioral Insight Interventions
/  Implement Choice Architectures
/  Monitoring Behavioral Strategy Workshops
/  Create Behavioral Kowledge/Intelligence

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